What do I need to take online lessons? 

All you need is a computer with high speed internet (you can check if your connection is good enough by clicking here) and a headset (or a conference-microphone). You will perhaps also need to buy/borrow one of the books I usually work with (På vei for beginners, Stein på stein for intermediate level, and Her på berget for advanced level). These books are widely used in Norwegian classes in Norway and have a great content covering a lot of needs in terms of vocabulary, cultural understanding and gradual contextualized grammar learning. They come with a workbook and CDs.


Is it possible to pay in several instalments? 

Unfortunately it isn't. When you chose the number of lessons you want to take, everything should be paid at once. But, as you can see here, you've got a lot of options. I hope you'll find one that fits your budget and needs! 


I need to prepare a Norwegian-test, and I only want to work on a specific area, can you adapt the classes to me?

Of course I can! Just contact me and I will give you a suggestion on how we can work on this.


How many lessons do I need? 

This really depends on you (how much time you've got, your objectives and your motivation). One-on-one lessons are quite efficient so one or two lessons per week is often enough (remember that you need to set aside between an hour and two for the homework to get the most our of your sessions). 


What kind of Norwegian do you teach?

Bokmål is one out of two Norwegian written languages in Norway. It's the most commonly used and is quite similar to the dialects spoken in and around Oslo.

I usually teach bokmål with skarre-r / French r (as in Bergen for instance) or rulle-r (as used in Oslo for instance). This depends on what you prefer :)  I can also teach in Bergen dialect.


What if I want to reschedule or cancel a session? 

You can cancel or reschedule a session 24 hours ahead, or else you will unfortunately have to pay for the session (no matter the reason for the cancellation). If I for some reason have to cancel a lesson less than 24 hours ahead, then this cancelled lesson balances out another cancelled lesson from your side so the lesson is not due anymore.


What if I am late for the lesson? 

Unless you tell me you’ll be late, I will wait for you no longer than 15 minutes. If you're less than 15 minutes late, you still get the remaining time, so show up :) If you’re more than 15 minutes late, you have to tell me to wait for you, or else you lose the remaining time.


Should I meet up in advance?

If possible, try to be online at least 5 minutes before the lesson just in case you get any technical problems. Use these minutes to check that the sound on Skype is working properly and to connect to the Internet site we use during our lessons - you find an invitation in your e-mail inbox.


Is course material included? 

I will send you what we have been working on in our sessions and homework by mail the same day as our class. Due to copyright law, I might need to ask you to buy (or borrow at the library) a textbook and a workbook that we will be using as our base. 


Do you use any online site to teach people or does the student have to show up personally to any institute for attending classes? 

I use Skype and a website called Spreed (both at the same time). Skype is for talking and webcamera, while Spreed is for uploading documents to work on together, and for writing. So, it's online, you can do the lessons from anywhere you want as long as you have a computer, a basic headset (highly recommended) and a good internet connexion. The time and day we meet depends on when you are available. If you want to have the lessons in person in Oslo, please get in touch at norskmedsilje@gmail.com.

Can we have the lessons in person?

If you want to have the lessons in person in Oslo, please get in touch at norskmedsilje@gmail.com.


What will I learn from the free trial lesson?

It depends on you and your level. As a base, I mainly work with three textbooks (that I like a lot) for three different levels: På vei, Stein på stein, and Her på berget. I also work with the textbooks books Opp og fram (level B1) and Det går bra (level B2/C1). I can't say what you will learn because each lesson is personalized. We use these books as a basis, but how the lesson turns out depends on each person, his/her needs, way of learning and at what pace. Some people want to only focus on practicing speaking, some need to improve their grammar knowledge while others need more focus on the pronounciation. Or maybe you need to prepare for a job interview or need to learn the vocabulary for your work as a hairdresser? Everybody is different. That's why I offer this free trial so that you can see for yourself how I work and decide if it is the right thing for you. It also gives me the opportunity to planify future lessons with you (if you happen to decide to continue with me).

What if I change my mind, can I have a refund? 

I normally don't do refunds, but in special (documented) cases that make the person unable to continue the lessons, a refund will be possible. You have 10 months for the 20 lesson package, 6 months to use the 12 lesson package, and 2 months for the 4 lesson package (from the date of the first lesson). You can also pass it on to somebody else if you would like, at no extra cost.


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