One-to-one: From 395 NOK/45 minutes

  • 4 lessons: 1780 NOK (445 NOK per lesson)

  • 12 lessons: 4980 NOK (415 NOK per lesson)

  • 20 lessons: 7900 NOK (395 NOK per lesson)

  • One lesson: 475 NOK

PS: You can learn with a family member (husband/wife) at no extra cost!

Corrected written assignment returned to you by email (plus video of correction with explanations):

  • The price depends on how long it takes to correct. I will send you the correction along with a recording of the correction with my explanations. Normally I correct texts directly in class with my students (that way it is easier to learn from your mistakes).

Remember, if you're not sure if this is the thing for you, you've got a 30-minute 100% FREE trial lesson to test it out (a one-to-one lesson)!

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