Throw away your language book!

Ever been frustrated over a really BAD language book? You know, the kind where you get the impression that you're gonna spend half your life on an airport and with the dentist.... Do yourself a favor: THROW IT AWAY (or skip some of the chapters, keep only the good stuff)! 

No wonder you're getting bored and it will lead you nowhere! To give you a clue: I spent three years studying arabic conversations that were likely to take place at an airport... result? I got good grades, but what do I remember today? NOTHING, NADA, RIEN DE RIEN, WALLOU, INGENTING! (You get it?) You can add it in your language under and I promise you I'll learn more from that than I ever did during those wasted three years!

In the beginning, only study what will serve you in everyday life! It's more motivating and easier to learn since it will come in handy and you're surrounded by it every single day. Then read, watch TV, communicate, be curious and the rest will come all by itself;) you're not supposed to be stuck in a language book for the rest of your life, language is everywhere around you! Ok?:)

Now, let me hear from you! Have you ever had a really bad learning experience while you were studying a language? How did you deal with that?