Loooong and short vowels....

How to pronounce short and long vowels in Norwegian. (You can find the translation of the words under the video...)


Here are the translations: 

Hat = hatred

Hatt = hat

Tak = roof; ceiling

Takk = thanks 

 Slit = struggle (noun)

Slitt = worn; struggled (perfektum partisipp)

Koste = Cuddled; to cost; to sweep/brush

Floke = tangle (noun and verb)

Flokke = to flock

Rus = inebriation

Russ = what you are when you finish "videregående skole". From the first to the 17th of May, teenagers doing their last year of "videregående skole" at the age of 18/19, go around celebrating the end 13 years of school.

Flyte = to float 

Flytte = to move