4 easy words to express joy in Norwegian :)

Are you happy? Express it in Norwegian :) 


Being happy feels so great, but imagine not being able to express it verbally?? What a horrible feeling that must be!

Luckily, there are many ways to show that you are happy, both verbal and non-verbal. I'm gonna show you my four favourite words that show people that you are happy with or about something :)

Are you ready??? :D 

Ok, so imagine a friend of you got a new job that she's really happy about and you would like to share that you're happy for her, what can you say?? Here are some easy (mannered!!) way of expressing joy!



(Alternative: "Å, så supert, da!", "Det var supert!")


(Alternative: "Kanonbra!") Note: I would say that this word is mostly used by men.

"Fy søren!" 

(Alternative: "Å fy søren, så herlig, da!") Note: Depending on the way you say it, it can also be used in all other contexts of surprise (also negative ones, that is.. So be careful)



(Alternative: "Jippi! Det var kjempe kjekt å høre!") Note: This is a very cute (and feminine) way of expressing joy! 


Wish you a joyful day with a lot of "jippi", "fy søren", "kanon" and "supert"! :)


Do you personally use any of these expressions? Or perhaps you have another favourite expression? Let me know in the comment field right below :)